naturally dyed vintage fabric with rose and strawberry leaf prints


My name is Anya and I am a designer, a maker, a collector and a curator of curiosities.

I am a mixed media artist combining my specialism in wire working with reclaimed, found and vintage materials to create sculptural forms. I have a particular interest in using discarded and broken objects within my work. Inspiration is derived from folklore, fairy tales and childhood adventures, ideas eventually forming into anthropomorphic creatures and characters as well as talismanic artefacts and adornments.

The Curiosity Cupboard is the name that I’ve attributed to my little studio which sits in my garden between a towering hawthorn and a sprawling Japonica. The inside is piled high with boxes and drawers full of bobs and bits; old tins, games pieces, vintage sheet music, fabric, found objects, buttons and threads, to name just a few! From the window I can watch the resident robins, blackbirds and titmice squabble over the bird feeder…..

Join the Curiosity Club! and discover the creatures lurking on my workbench, explore the hidden nooks of my studio and find out about the inspiration behind each unique piece!