a wire & word twister

a forgotten things finder

& magic dust collector


Anya works from a teeny tiny workshop which is stuffed to the rafters with boxes of bits and drawers of bobs. The creatures live in the nooks & crannies and cause mischief at night. It's either that or she's a little bit messy.....

A childhood spent watching the Clangers, Bagpuss and the Wombles (as well as an overactive imagination and a love of making other worlds) has eventually led to the creation of these curious creatures. 

Each creature starts its journey from a reel of wire which is bent, shaped and bound with pliers to create a three dimensional framework. Onto this 'form' several layers of newspaper, and then vintage papers, are applied using a flour & water paste.

Anya uses a lot of vintage, found and reclaimed materials which makes each piece unique. 


 (All designs and images are the copyright property of Anya Keeley. Please contact first to use any images)